Nebraska Weed Control Association

Year Organized


Mission Statement

--- Advance the interests of agriculture in the improvement of weed control programs in Nebraska; promote and advance a comprehensive weed control program concerning uniformity in services and charges, proper chemical usage, and product quality and control; have an active role in legislative measures that concern weed control and any broadened field of subsidies; formulate and voice approval or disapproval of legislative measures, and when the need arises, employ a counselor to represent the Nebraska Weed Control Association at any session in which the Legislature may act on any proposed law concerning weed control measures or amendments thereof.

Annual Meetings

February, October and December

Executive Officers


Todd Boller

Fillmore County

Vice President

Rod Stolcpart

Rock County

Secretary / Treasurer

Marty Craig

Dawson / Gosper County

Past President

Brian Crabtree

Hamilton County

Executive Director

Rob Schultz

Hall / Howard Counties


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