Executive Director

Larry Dix

Larry Dix serves as executive director of the Nebraska Association of County Officials. He assumed the role, in January 2002.  

As executive director, he is responsible for coordinating and administering all association activities as directed by the NACO Executive Committee and Board of Directors. This includes serving as principal state and national lobbyist for the association.

The role of executive director also involves: planning, establishing and supervising office procedures; preparing and proposing the annual association budget; administering the adopted budget; hiring, supervising and annually evaluating association staff members; and developing and providing training and continuing education programs for Nebraska county officials.

The position of executive director is appointed by the NACO Board of Directors.

Larry previously was the vice president of operations with Global Election Systems in Texas.  Prior to that Larry served as manager of the Multi-County Information and Programming Services (MIPS), a computer services division created by NACO in 1991. 

Larry is a native Nebraskan and a graduate of Kearney State College. After receiving his bachelor’s degree, he spent five years in the Buffalo County assessor’s office as head of tax appraisal. In 1981 he began DataMasters and provided computer automation products and services to numerous Nebraska counties. DataMasters was purchased by NACO in 1991 and renamed MIPS.

Larry and his wife Ronda have two children, Jason and Amy.